Small Countersunk Head, Knurled Body RIVET NUT

Low profile head, knurled round body BCT rivet nut. Available in steel, aluminium or brass. M5-M10 sizes. Suitable for material up to 14.0 millimetres thick.

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Reduce Head Knurled Body rivet Nuts-Types Of RH-KB

  1. Knurled body for high torque applications.
  2. Allows near-flush installations with no need for special hole preparations.
  3. Standard material: Low Carbon Steel.
  4. Materials available on special order: 300 Series Stainless Steel, Alloy No. 260 Brass, 6053-T4 or 6061-T4 Aluminum.

Reduce Head Knurled Body Rivet Nuts Specifications

Products name: Reduce head knurled body rivet nuts
Model number: RH-KB
Material: carbon steel,stainless steel,Aluminum
Finish: zinc plating,passivated,polished
Measurement system: Metric
Brand: Aotuo
MOQ: 1000pcs
Packing Cartons+plastic Bags
Delivery time 7-15 Working Days

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