Spring-Loaded Plunger Assembly PTL2

Type PTL2 spring-loaded plunger assemblies allow users to quickly and easily move racks, slides, access panels, and similar equipment to new positions without requiring tools. If necessary, a unique lockout feature keeps the fasteners spring-loaded plunger retracted until the plunger pin drops into final position. A simple quarter-turn of the fastener enables the retracted locking and unlocking actions.

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Spring Loaded Plunger Assemblies PTL2 PSL2

Spring-Loaded Plunger Assembly PTL2 PSL2 Specifications

Products name: Spring-Loaded Plunger Assembly PTL2 PSL2
Material: carbon steel,stainless steel
Finish: zinc plating,passivated
Measurement system: Metric, Imperial (Inch)
MOQ: 1000pcs
Packing Cartons+plastic Bags
Delivery time 7-15 Working Days

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