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Self clinching pilot pins are used to assist with alignment of panels without fixing them down permanently. This allows access panels, inspection hatches, fascias and many other items to be located with fewer bolts or other fasteners making inspection or removal much faster and easier.

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Self-Clinching Pilot Pins-TPS

  1. Flush-head pilot pins satisfy a wide range of positioning, pivot and alignment applications
  2. Chamfered end makes mating hole location easy
  3. Concealed-head pins install permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as 1.0mmm (0.040″)
  4. Installed by placing them in properly sized holes in sheets using a standard press
  5. The sheet metal surrounding the head cold flows into an undercut thereby making the pin an integral part of the sheet
  6. Mounting holes are punched or pre-drilled to correct dimensions

Flush-Mounted Pilot Pins Specifications

Products name: flush-mounted pilot pins
Model number: TPS
Material: stainless steel
Finish: polished,passivated
Measurement system: Metric, Imperial (Inch)
Brand: Aotuo
Application: Healthcare, automotive, electronics, communications, telecommunications, shipbuilding, aviation & traditional manufacturing
MOQ: 1000pcs
Packing Cartons+plastic Bags
Delivery time 7-15 Working Days

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