Half Hex Body Rivet Nuts,Stainless Steel Flat Head Threaded Insert Nuts For Metal, Plastic0

Flat head inner hex body Rivet nuts are designed to solve the problem of material that is too thin to process threads. Make up for the metal sheet welding refractory problem. With the external force of the tool, the nut is extruded and deformed, so that the deformed part is pressed around the hole to complete the locking.

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Benefits of the Flat head inner hex body Rivet nuts

  1. Easy to use: Rivet nuts need to be riveted with pneumatic or manual riveting tools. Drill a hole according to the size of the mounting hole of the rivet nut, insert the rivet nut, and tighten the locking nut with the rivet tool.
  2. Application: Half hex body flange rivet nut is suitable for metal sheets or non-metallic plastic, wood and other thin sheets, widely used in furniture, household thin iron cabinets, equipment shell and light industrial products assembly.

Flat Head Inner Hex Body Rivet Nut Specifications

Products name: Flat head inner hex body rivet nut
Model number: FH-IHB
Material: carbon steel,stainless steel
Finish: zinc plating,passivated
Measurement system: Metric, Imperial (Inch)
Brand: Aotuo
MOQ: 1000pcs
Packing Cartons+plastic Bags
Delivery time 7-15 Working Days

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